Reliable, user-friendly telephony and communications solutions for prison facilities, that already set the standard within numerous EU prison sectors.


The modularly designed, centrally administered PrisonCom products ensure maximum efficiency and practical orientation. Advanced security features help to consid- erably relieve the prison staff of time consuming work.


Media system that offers reliable and 100% monitorable telephony and internet access within the prison cell room. PrisonMedia is available as wallmount or tabletop unit as well as in a mobile tablet variant.


The advanced multimedia solution specifically designed for prisons opens up numerous expansion options, such as the secure access to TV, radio, e-learning or counselling.





Unique mobile device isolation system. The innovative signal detection and elimination techno- logy is an effective weapon against the misuse of mobile devices in prisons.


Suitable for all environments where the use of mobile devices is re- stricted or prohibited. Please note that, depending on the national law, the delivery of elimination techno- logy may require a permission of the competent regulatory authority.



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